Metal Free Crowns & Bridges (Zirconia)

Metal-Free Crowns & Bridges (Zirconia)

Metal Free Crowns & Bridges (Zirconia)
Metal Free Crowns & Bridges (Zirconia) V
Metal Free Crowns & Bridges (Zirconia).j

The Zirconia manufacturers have put their focus to build the crown braces that are custom milled from solid blocks of Zirconia and baked at extremely high temperatures so that they will provide the best quality of material and can nearly be impossible to break.

Zirconia is 100% biocompatible. It is inert, and the body accepts zirconia so perfectly so you don’t have to worry about any allergies or adverse reactions.

Zirconia Crowns have some advantages regarding both traditional metals fused to porcelain (PFM).
Although these crowns are well admitted, long-lasting, and are the best technical choice, every consumer wants a perfectly natural effect that stirs into the overall smile. But also some don't want to go with the taste of metal in their mouths.

In most cases, the choice will be between a PFM Crown and a Zirconia Crown.
Zirconia Crowns have several advantages over standard PFM crowns.

Strength and Longevity:–  Zirconia is virtually unbreakable whereas Porcelain crowns are susceptible to chipping. Crowns have a lifetime of around 10 years. Zirconia should last more than that.

Cosmetic:-  Have you ever seen people with a large unprepossessing black line above their gums? Up until recently most crowns are Porcelain which is Fused to a Metal base. Over time, the metal begins to show more and more and the rebuild can look hazy and consistent, with the telltale dark grey line at the crown joint.
The Zirconia Crowns not only look more semi-transparent but are much stronger than the Porcelain fused to the metal posts. The Zirconia crowns are crunched from a single block of crystal and can be up to five times stronger than a porcelain/metal fuse.

Less tooth Removal:- In cases where there is not much room for porcelain build-up – for example, if a tooth adjacency is already quite substantial, a Zirconia Crown can be used because it provides more strength in less volume than a porcelain crown.

Disadvantages of Zirconia Crowns:- As with everything in life, all these benefits come with a price. They are more expensive than PFM Crowns. Also, Zirconia is very tough, which is good until you consider the grinding effect of the material against the other teeth. When the manufacturers possess that their products are guaranteed for a long time (10 yrs warranty certificate on copings) that again, seem like a good thing, until you realize, it often decays underneath the crown that causes the crown to fail, not the crown itself.

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